Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pixie Sketch in Progress

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I have determined to conquer my fear of drawing people.  I think that it is because there are little or no right angles but then again, most of my work does not have right angles so maybe the fear is a bit unrealistic.  I actually remembered to take photos as the work progressed, something I usually forget to do, so that others can see the process and perhaps not be as intimated as I have been.  I know there are formulas, eyes three widths apart, ears between eyebrows and nose and the spacing rules.  Of course each face is slightly different, which gives us our own unique look but the rules do help unless you are trying for a Picasso.  Personally I think just diving in and giving it a go is what works for me.   This drawing started with pencil, then progressed to charcoal and then watercolor.  Hope the stages help someone out there.