Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mixed Media Art with Antique Postcards

Want to learn how to do this?
Art Class Scheduled on: September 14th, 2013    2:00 - 4:00 pm
30.00 per person (materials included)
Choice of 6 different postcards to choose from.
Where:  Frou Frou Galore 26420 Preston Ave, Old Town Spring, TX
Call today to reserve your spot (limited space)  281-459-0711
Artist/Teacher: Tamyra Crossley

The Sweet Life

Pearls of my Heart

No. 6031 Lady

No. 27 Lady


Gypsy Queen

Gypsy Girl

Farm Girl


Bird Watcher

Ballet Toes

Enchanted Wood

My newest Mixed Media works start with a vintage postcard (some I own and digital downloads can be found in my etsy shop; Ivory Coast,  others I have digitally downloaded from favorite etsy shops; French Kissed;  , MDR Grafix Postcards; , just to name a few.  I use canvas, scrapbook paper, paint, stamps, ephemera and pens.  I start with a blank canvas (handboard canvas is easier to work with but you then have to frame it or glue on a ribbon and backing piece).  I mix 2-3 coordinating colors together and paint (acrylic) the entire canvas.  While it's drying, I will take my vintage postcard and start collecting coordinating scrapbook papers, stamps, bits of paper ephemera, etc. to add to the canvas.  I used just plain old Elmer's glue, clear, but you can also use a Gel Medium to adhere each layer.  After I glue the back of the sheet I use a plastic putty knife to work out any air bubbles.  I like to start with the largest piece of paper first then slowly build layers.  The last layers are the small ephemera or stamps and then I will either use a stamp and ink pad or hand write areas with a sharpie.  A fun project and great way to preserve some vintage postcards.  Originals for sale at; Frou Frou Galore, in Old Town Spring, TX
Prints can be purchased at; Etsy, Shop Studio Quest, , or Fine Art America, artist: Tamyra Crossley , , or

Monday, July 29, 2013

Art and Music

Just finished my painting called Mistress of Music.  Decided to use only sepia brown paint and painted directly on old sheet music.  The paper is generally a bit thicker and if you do not get too much water on it works nicely with watercolor.  Love the mixed media feel of the finished product and the historical element of using vintage music sheets.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vintage Gypsy Collection

Survived the move!  Every time I move I am reminded how much I dislike moving.  As you fellow artists know you need lots of craft and art supplies so everything gets jumbled and of course has to be boxed and carried to the new place.  It is times like this that I re-think doing so many different things and having so many interests.  Now that the move is over it's time to get busy and have some fun.  Above is my latest creation of re-purposed clothing, lace and embellishments.  It reminds me of a gypsy which inspired the name.  It currently is for sale (each piece sold separately)  in my booth upstairs at Frou Frou Galore in Old Town Spring, Texas.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Word Art

Was in a shop a week or so back and saw these painting black with white lettering that had all kinds of funny quotes, inspirational saying and just fun stuff.  Decided to try my hand at it using my own artwork for the back drop.  This is just a few but I think the final product is fun.  You can find some on my etsy shop: Ivory Coast and some on: Fine Art America.  Of course I do have just the art or photography on Fine Art America too.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bella Whisper Bridal Shop

My newest shop on Etsy.  My daughter is getting married next month and I have been very busy making her veil, modifying her wedding dress and getting everything ready for her special day.  While creating for her I decided to make other unique one of a kind products for Brides.  At this point I am sticking with only Bridal Accessories but who knows what ideas will float into my head down the road.  I will only show a couple of items here but feel free to take a look at my etsy site; Bella Whisper for the full view :).

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Home Decor Items

Cafe Milan Bath Salts

Istanbul Gypsy Bath Salts

French Ballerina

Mermaid Pillow
Reworked my etsy shop: Someplace Timeless to reflect more of what I plan to do.  I have created several fun art creations and hope to add more, plus some vintage items as well.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sepia Brown Only

The Wait

Like using only one color to see what you can do with shading.  This is a classic look and something I had a lot of fun with.

Newest Animal Paintings on Studio Quest

Learned Rhino 

Zebra Lines


Still working on a series of fun animal paintings for the fun at heart or a child's room.  Hope to add new ones in now and then.

Been Awhile

To all of you out there that are waiting for a new post, I am sorry.  Life, ever wish you had about 12 extra hours in your day?   It isn't that I haven't been busy, wow, have I been.  I now have artwork on Fine Art America and reworked one Etsy shop: Someplace Timeless and started another one: Bella Whisper.  Somewhere in there I have managed to get some painting done, created bridal veils and bridal accessories,  and fun home decor items.  Take a look at some of my new projects and if have the chance some of the new shops.