Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Postcard Mixed Media from Original Art

Original Mixed Media

Lower Portion for Postcard

Upper Portion for Postcard

You can start one of several ways.  I usually start with a piece of card stock paper, watercolor or acrylic  paper (something with some bulk to it that will hold up to paint).  I will gather items that look appealing together, bits of scrapbook paper, notes, paper ephemera, old postage stamps, stickers, etc.  I arrange my paints and rubber stamps and start a huge collage on my dining table until I see an idea starting to form.  I then try to position my original artwork (bear in mind that you can use only a section of a piece or the whole) on the piece adding in the other elements.  The areas that are still white is where I add in paint.  After everything is glued down I used any rubber stamps or handwriting.  When I finish the design I scan it and it is ready to print on card stock paper for your postcard.  I use a rounding tool to round the corners and place a line down the middle of the back separating the address side from the message side.  I happen to have a rubber stamp that looks like an old postage stamp that I will put where the stamp will go if it is ever mailed.  

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