Monday, April 20, 2015

Zen Hummingbird

Example of Tangles you could use.
Zen Hummingbird

Pen and Ink is one of the most relaxing forms of art.  While it is not very forgiving, tangles are!  Most of you that are over the age of 50 remember this type of work called doodles.  One of the things I love about this is there really is no right or wrong.  I start with an initial sketch (outline) in pencil.  Then I go over that with a fine sharpie. I chose to use just one size on this particular work just to show that you could achieve a lot of variety with only one pen.  There are many sizes available as well as colors.  Once my outline was complete I then blocked off certain areas to fill in with tangles.  This type of work is therapeutic.    You can put it down whenever you want and come right back to it when you are ready.  I have added a sheet of 89 different tangles I created as an idea of some of the ones you could use.   If you liked to doodle or color as a child, give it a try.    Pen and Ink - 11 x 14.  Original: Etsy/StudioQuest.  Prints: Fine Art America. 

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