Friday, May 15, 2015

Houston Skyline in Purples

Houston Skyline 1

Houston Skyline 2

Houston Skyline 1 & 2

I only get to Houston once or twice a month now and love the skyline.  I decided to prepare my canvas with an abstract background in purples and add in the skyline once they were dried.  While I love all that is available in Houston, art galleries, restaurants, shopping, after a full day I am ready to get back to my quiet country life.   I admire the local drivers and how they manage to navigate the craziness.  Maybe it is because I now live in the county, but I find myself clutching the wheel and doing lots of praying when I get into the heart of downtown.  The galleries are worth the white knuckles and so far I've made it unscathed.  My tribute to all the beauty Houston has to offer., 

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