Friday, May 22, 2015

Palm Tree and Fish Kissing Canvas ACEO Original Art Cards

Kissing Fish


Two more canvas mini art works.  These original ACEO carrds are on canvas and I used acrylic for the main body of the work.  I did however, do a watercolor was on the kissing fish.  I was not sure this would work but liked the muted affect.  It is important that you seal your work when finished, especially when they are tiny enough to be handled.  I found I do not have room to include a full signature so decided to put my initials on the front and full signature on the back.  My Limited Edition Prints on Ebay start at .99 cents but Originals will start at 4.99.  I have seen Original ACEO cards go for over 5,000.00  Wow!  Don't get your hopes too high, most sell between 5.00 - 30.00.  Since we all want to stay inspired and constantly improve our own skills I look at this as a wonderful way to get paid to do what I would do anyway.  Collectors get to enjoy the mini art pieces and I get more practice.  Win - Win.

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