Monday, August 10, 2015

Pointillism - Deer , Fox and Homesteading Update

Fox Trot

No excuses!  I know it has been a little while since my last post.  In the meantime, many of you know we have been working on our tiny house.  We now have an ac that actually works (we have been having 100 degree days) and a cute little stained glass window in one of the sleeping lofts.

Front of the Tiny House

Experimental Garden
 I have also built some cute window boxes and my husband decided we needed a heat shield and added in the camo awning!  Agh.  He assured me it is temporary, just to see if it helps.  I hate to admit it does.  But really, camo?  I would understand it we were at a hunting lodge on a deer lease, etc.  I really have to come up with something that is cute! Eventually, we are planning on a cute little porch but in the meantime, camo it is. We have also been experimenting with gardening ideas and found one that really looks like it might work.  Water is a precious commodity to us (we collect rain water and haul in drinking water) and I have been amazed how little water this system uses and how moist the soil stays.  I thought we would try some fall crops just to see it it will work.  Basically, we have a 2 x 4 frame, then stapled plastic inside, lined with rocks and put soil in Wal-mart bags.  The  bags act as a wick and keep the soil moist and from what I have read also air trim the roots.  The 5 gal. bucket in the center has a small (pencil) sized hole near the bottom to allow the water to flow into the rocks.  My husband is building an airtight watering system for me that I will post once it is completed.  It will help with an evaporation and allow me to load up the water and not have to worry about it for probably over a week. Nice.   Surprisingly, I have managed to create some new pieces and even taught a class at Sew Fancy in Livingston featuring the Buck, Egret and Fox Pointillism.  What I love about pointillism, is it is not an exact science and allows students to start looking for the tonal differences in the objects they are painting.  Even is someone does not have a steady hand this particular style works.  I am really proud of the progress  the students have made.  If you want to take a look at some of the students finished projects type in Sew Fancy Livingston, TX on Facebook to take a look. 

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