Friday, January 13, 2012

Fresh Berries and Cream

You don't expect to find fresh berries in the market this time of year, but there they were, like little jewels bursting with sweetness.  Years ago I went to a lunch with a friend of mine at a very upscale restaurant.  Desert was brought to us in a beautiful glass filled with berries and cream.  It was light and oh so tasty.  I asked the waiter if he knew the recipe for the cream and after looking both directions leaned down and whispered......

Berries and Cream
Yogurt....Sugar....Whipping Cream....Vanilla .  I have since played around with these ingredients and have found that 2 yogurts (either vanilla or berry flavored), 2 Tbls. of Sugar, 1tsp. vanilla and 1/2cup whipping cream mixed with a whisk seems about right.  It works just as well as a breakfast treat and is a family favorite.  Bon Appetit!

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  1. So........that's the secret! I must make it. You made me this desert for me when I broke my leg. Very Yummy ad healthy!! I do believe I have everything to make this tonight, except the fancy berries. I wonder if banana's would work? ha! ha! Don't see why not!:-)