Thursday, January 5, 2012

Woodland Art League January Gallery Hanging

European Cafe
It’s that time again to swap out the gallery hanging at the Woodland Art League.   I have decided on a watercolor and a pencil drawing.  

European Café was inspired by my love of finding quaint little cafés where I could sit, enjoy a cappuccino and watch the world through the eyes of a tourist.  I love weaving stories about the people who pass by my table.  The ladies with the baskets were surely headed for the open air market to purchase the evenings veggies. 

Old Friends

Old ladies, arms linked together, heads bent toward each other,  still telling secrets that only the many years of friendship allow and lovers walking slowing, content to simply enjoy each other’s company on their way to a romantic picnic on some grassy knoll.  Wandering about the different paths each of us takes to create the stories of our own individual life.  

Lady of the Forest

 My pencil drawing “The lady of the Forest” was inspired by a favorite book of mine as a young girl.  The girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter describes the woods so beautifully and I have tried to capture some of that beauty through my photography. 


Moss Bed

The forest floor is filled with treasures, just waiting to be discovered.    Acorn caps (the hats of baby elves), baby ferns unfolding (the symbol of new life) and the softest moss beds (for fairies that have tired from their flight).   

It is easy to let you imagination run wild in the forest (or for some of us, anytime).  Happy imagining everyone!   

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