Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Artful Alphabet

A to F

G to L
Came up with a new idea (for those of you that know me that is really NO surprise), I found a hardcover book and decided to create art directly on the pages (knowing I may have to remove a few here and there as I add in bulk).  The more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted some type of order so came up with the idea of using the alphabet as a starting place.  I took my note book and on each page put a letter of the alphabet.  Under each letter I listed things that mean something to me that start with that particular letter.  Example: Letter A; art, airplane, acrylics,  and so on.  I then realized that I needed to draw out each letter in a way that set that section apart.  I divided each paper into six, three inch blocks and then the fun began.  I have just finished the whole alphabet and made it available to others in a digital download format for their own craft projects.  As I move along and finish a page at I time I will share them with you.  Once again, one idea leads to another then to another.  I already want to try different styles or perhaps whole words.  The wheels are turning. :)

M to R
S to X

Y to Z 

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